The 6 key points of the vacuum oil filter and the precautions for use

Vacuum oil filter instructions 1. Connect the oil pipe into and out of the oil pipe and close all valves; 2. Connect the three-phase four-wire power supply according to the total power of the machine. Click “vacuum open” to make the vacuum pump and oil pump turn in the same direction as the arrow. Connect the safety ground wire, check whether the circuits are connected reliably, and whether the oil circuit valves are open. The dynamic vacuum pump, the oil inlet [...]


Vacuum filter oil filter common faults and solutions analysis and oil filter operation points

Common problems and elimination methods of vacuum oil filter: Vacuum oil filter precautions 1. The power must be connected to the ground before it can be operated. 2. When operating, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the motor, in accordance with the direction of the arrow. 3. When there is no oil circulation, do not start the heater, otherwise the heater will burn out and the weight will be fried. 4. Before draining oil, all valves of the oil outlet pipe must [...]