Analysis of Waste Lubrication Regeneration Process by Solvent Refining Method

Waste lubricating oil regeneration process Over the years, both developed and developing countries have accumulated rich experience in waste oil recycling. At present, the main processes for recycling waste oil into applicable base oils are: 1. acid white clay process; 2. vacuum distillation-solvent Refining process; 3. solvent extraction-flocculation process; 4. molecular distillation process; 5. hydrogenation process; 6. membrane separation process. According to the difference between waste oil treatment processes at home and abroad, the regeneration process of waste lubricating oil can [...]

Classification and Refining Of Solvents In The Waste Oil Recycling Industry

Solvent refining refers to a process of removing impurities and non-ideal components contained in a raw material (or semi-finished product) by extraction. It is also a common process for waste oil regeneration. Solvent The term broadly refers to an excess of the component contained in a homogeneous mixture. In a narrow sense, a liquid that does not undergo any change in chemical composition and that dissolves other substances (generally referred to as solids), or a liquid that chemically reacts with a [...]

How to properly dispose of used engine oil?

The oil, that is, the lubricating oil of the engine, can lubricate, clean, cool, seal, reduce, rust, and prevent the engine. After a long period of use, the oil will produce deposits, sludge, and paint film, which will cause deterioration. These substances are deposited on the surface of the friction member, the passage of the lubricating oil, and the filter, which may cause various malfunctions of the machine. With the continuous advancement and rapid development of China's industry, the holdings of [...]

Introduction of 5 kinds of waste oil regeneration technology

1.  Sulfuric acid-white clay refining process The sulfuric acid-white clay refining process is the first process to be used in the research of waste oil regeneration technology at home and abroad, in which a large amount of sulfuric acid and white clay are used to treat waste oil. The waste oil is pretreated (pre-flash or vacuum distillation) to separate water and light hydrocarbons, and concentrated sulfuric acid (10%~15%) is added to the dehydrated waste oil, such as colloidal, asphaltene, oxidation [...]