FAQs - What is the yield of this system? How long can I take back my investment?(MONTHLY TURNOVER)

Typically 88-94% depending on different ratios of water content, diesel and others.
Assuming you bought one of our FS-HDM waste oil distillation plant to process 5Tons – 20Tons of waste oil per day.

The cost of waste oil is
The cost for operation of FS-HDM distillation system is 45.5USD*20MT=990USD;

The price of base oil 1,500USD/MT*14MT=21,000USD; The price of gasoil 700USD/MT*1MT=700USD; The price of asphalt 560USD/MT*2.6MT=1,456USD

NET TURNOVER=(21,000+700+1,456)-(6,000+990)=16,166USDX22DAYS=355,652USD/MONTH.