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Soily Drilling Waste Treatment System

★Oily solid waste treatment international market situation:

At present, the mainstream technologies for oil-containing solid waste treatment mainly include chemical hot washing (conditioning and centrifugation), pyrolysis/thermal desorption/incineration, extraction, biodegradation, etc.

The above technologies are all targeted at specific oil-containing solid waste and have certain limitations.

For example, chemical hot washing is mainly aimed at landing sludge and tank cleaning sludge, the treatment effect is unstable, it is difficult to treat the cleaning wastewater up to the standard, and the oil content of the residue after treatment is difficult to reach 2%; The oil content of clay sludge residue after one-time treatment of oil sludge is as high as 5% or more, which cannot meet the requirements of resource utilization; pyrolysis/thermal desorption/incineration can treat various types of oily sludge, and the oil content after treatment can be controlled Below 1%, but the pyrolysis process has high energy consumption, easy to coke, and waste gas is difficult to treat; the residues after cleaning and pyrolysis/thermal desorption/incineration are not explicitly exempted from hazardous waste; extraction is suitable for homogeneous oil-containing solid waste, However, the recovery of the extractant after treatment is difficult and easy to lose; biodegradation is suitable for low oil-containing solid waste, but the treatment period is long, it is greatly affected by the climate, and the removal rate of pollutants is low.


★Equipment functions:

FS-WY series complete sets of devices are aimed at the continuous development of today’s industrial society and the

It is developed for the regeneration and comprehensive utilization of waste and liquid waste and for discharge up to the standard.

The device can solve the problems of energy saving and emission reduction in various industries and manufacturing industries. Up to aerospace, down to aircraft carrier submarine, middle

All wastes generated in the production and processing of products in all aspects of people’s lives can be regenerated and integrated through this device.

Utilize and detoxify or reduce emissions. FS-WY is a high-integration comprehensive treatment package for solid and liquid wastes



★Technical features:

① This device is made of special metal composite materials (self-developed) that are resistant to high temperature, wear, corrosion, and extra-high magnetic fields.

Limited by any influence of atmospheric pressure environment, magnetic field radiation, extreme high and low temperature, suitable for continuous disposal of any hazardous waste run.

② The device adopts eddy current induction heating system, which is safe and stable. Over 10,000 hours of continuous operation without failure and in efficient operation.
Due to the use of modular temperature control, the temperature rises rapidly and the sensitivity is extremely high (up and down 0.1 degrees), which greatly saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.

③ The device adopts continuous feeding and discharging operation mode, which saves labor costs and greatly reduces labor intensity.

Whether it is solid or liquid, even semi-solid or fluid, it can be automatically fed in and out.

④ This device adopts the self-developed microwave drying elastic mixing propulsion system, and the material shape is not limited (ultra-long, super-wide).

The solid waste needs to be equipped with a shearing and crushing system), which adopts automatic feeding and discharging, and continues to work stably. The waste classification treatment is more thorough, the oil content is less than or equal to 3‰, the oil products are recycled and reused, the deoiled metals and carbon black are reused, and the hazardous waste can be recycled and reused, and finally zero emission or reduced emission standards can be realized, and customers are relieved from environmental protection. Emissions worries.

⑤ Vacuum cycle exhaust, sinking slag removal, reduce the risk of blockage, two-stage safety pressure relief system, more secure in use,

Production is more efficient.

⑥ This device does not need to cool and discharge materials, saving energy and time.

⑦ It has a wide range of applications, and can be continuously put into use for solid, liquid and semi-solid raw materials without equipment modification.

⑧ Waste gas recovery and comprehensive utilization system (energy saving, discharge according to the standard)

⑨ Our company can provide follow-up oil regeneration refining equipment.

⑩ The equipment occupies a small area (compared with traditional refining equipment).


★Disposal results:

① The petroleum hydrocarbon content of oily solid waste after treatment is ≤0.5‰, which can greatly save the cost of hazardous waste disposal;

② Solid waste form: oil and solid matter are completely separated, and the value of renewable resources can be realized respectively;

③ Sludge (residual oil) form: the oil recovery rate is over 50%, and the carbon recovery rate is over 40%, respectively.

The value of current renewable resources;

Main types of hazardous waste disposal:

① Oily sludge treatment:

  1. a) Extracting oil, which can be re-refined;
  2. b) Extract the sludge to meet the backfill soil standards and the use of building basic materials;

②Machine processing oily iron filings:

  1. a) Extraction of pure metal, metal solid recovery and reuse;
  2. b) Extracting oil, which can be used for petroleum re-refining and machining of raw oil;

③Smelting oil treatment:

  1. a) Extracting iron oxide and aluminum oxide for recycling;
  2. b) Extracting oil, it can be re-refined; save cost and save resources for the society

④Disposal of waste tires (policy: soon to be listed as hazardous waste)

  1. a) Extract oil, replace oil, and use it as clean fuel;
  2. b) Separating activated carbon to realize resource recycling;

(4) Scope of application: steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, building materials, instrumentation, medicine, medical treatment, urban

Municipal sludge, smelting, mining, home furnishing, accessories, ceramics, paper and other industries.


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